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On Spring

Spring is such a restorative time, not only for the Earth, but for mothers too. Not to get too far into the "woo" but doesn't sunshine just feel like hit a giant reset button? So how do we use spring and all that comes with us to our advantage as mothers. Here are three ways we can look at the next few weeks of Spring as a transformative time for us, in motherhood and in life.

1) Use spring as a grounding method: when you feel anxiety or overwhelm start to tighten their grip over your body and mind, take a moment to go outside (if you have little ones and this isn't possible, open a window as wide as it'll go). Feel the cool ground under your bare feet, the breeze on your skin, and the sunlight on your face. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out. Do this for a few minutes. Then imagine hitting that giant reset button and start again with your day.

2) Get your kids outside: isn't there a reason young children long to be outside? The freedom, the exploration, the world at their fingertips. After a day spent outside, everyone eats and sleeps better. So let's use this to our advantage. Get your kids outside and I promise, you will almost immediately feel better about your parenting, and yourself.

3) Spring clean: just as we might set goals to spring clean our home, let's also spring clean our mental health as well. Take a look around and assess what is serving you and what is not. Consider new boundaries for what might be getting in the way of your mental wellness, and see how you can take small moments in your day to check-in with yourself (and maybe even drink some water and eat a snack!).

Before the heat of summer hits, let's use the next few weeks to our benefit, to continue paving the path towards the mother, and woman, we want to be. To serve us as parents and as people. And to feel better!

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