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Therapy vs. Coaching

What's the difference, and which one is right for me?


  • Long-term support to change ongoing thinking and behavioral patterns that interfere with daily functioning

  • Treats symptoms of. a mental health diagnosis (given or suspected), like anxiety, postpartum depression, OCD, etc.

  • Therapists are clinically licensed in their field after extensive training and education in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. They are responsible to their client, but also their overseeing body and board.

  • Can be useful for exploring your history, relationships, or ongoing behavior patterns.

  • Therapy is introspective. It encompasses the past, present, and future.


  • Short-term support to address acute issues and provide a plan of action to overcome immediate stress

  • Elevate performance for those functioning on a more typical/ordinary baseline level

  • Coaches can be certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) but there is no overseeing body to ensure coaches are ethical or abiding by any particular set of standards. 

  • Coaches meet clients in the present, to help them in the future. The work is goal-oriented and creates a plan of action.

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