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Therapy for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Is your pregnancy not going as you had hoped?
Was your birth experience unexpected and traumatic?
Is postpartum leaving you with increased anxiety?
Are you overwhelmed with the entire perinatal experience?


Welcoming a new baby into your world should be an exciting experience, one that leaves you tired, sure, but content, happy, and hopeful. But far too many women don't experience those things during the perinatal experience. Whether it's a pregnancy riddled with stress, a birth that did not go to plan, or a postpartum experience that is leaving you anxious, exhausted, and overwhelmed. 

Let's talk about it. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years experience working with families but specifically, women. I am trained in perinatal mental health and I offer support and therapy for women in all stages of motherhood, including pregnancy. I also have a young child of my own.


I want to work together with you to:

  • Understand this new phase of being for you, your partner, and your baby

  • Ensure that any symptoms of postpartum anxiety, depression, and OCD are addressed with coping skills and postpartum-specific support

  • Work together with your other care providers to ensure you're getting what you need during the immediate postpartum period

  • Be your cheerleader during this amazing transition!

Click here, use the button above, or call 314-474-7705 to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation, so we can discuss how to best meet your needs. If you're looking for support specifically for parenting, check out my parenting support page for options.

Services available in person in my Edwardsville, IL office, or via telehealth (available statewide in MO or IL)

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