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Meet Stacy

Stacy McCann, LCSW, LBA

Hello! My name is Stacy and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the state of Missouri and Illinois. I have over 10 years of experience in supporting the family journey from pregnancy to teens, and I started Present Moment Counseling in order to continue this work with families. I have supported infants, toddlers, kids, and teens and their parents by utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), attachment models, play therapy, mindfulness techniques, perinatal support, and Family Systems models. I am also a certified Circle of Security parenting program facilitator.

I have extensive experience working with childhood and parental anxiety, anger, and behavior issues, as well as children and parents who are neurodiverse (and the rest of the family trying to figure out their child’s amazing brain!). My very first role as a clinical social worker was a parenting educator, over 10 years ago. From there, I spent the next decade working in and supporting all facets of family life. And as the mother of a toddler, I can appreciate the root of the family system in this parenting journey!

I received a Bachelor of Communication Studies degree from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) in 2004. I received a Master in Social Work degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, in 2010. I became certified and licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in 2013. Simultaneously, I also received my Board Certified Behavior Analyst certification and licensure, also in 2013. I currently live on the Metro East side of St. Louis, in Illinois, and serve both states.

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Areas of Focus

  • Raising secure children

  • Parental anxiety

  • Challenges unique to women

  • Perinatal support

  • New parent challenges

  • Early child development

  • Infant and child attachment and bonding

  • Childhood anger and behavioral issues

  • Adolescent anxiety, depression, and self-esteem

  • Child and adolescent social skills

  • Highly sensitive parents and children

  • Neurodiversity (Autism, ADHD, etc)

  • Emotion regulation and coping skills

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