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A la carte Parent Consultation Support

What is stopping you from being the parent you want to be?

  • Not knowing what to do in the face of tantrums

  • Feeling overwhelmed by infancy and becoming a mom

  • Feeling disconnected from your child

  • Feeling anxiety when faced with setting boundaries

  • Feeling guilt when you become frustrated with your child

  • Not wanting to parent like your own parents

  • Fatigue from parenting during a pandemic

  • Being on a different parenting page (or whole different book!) than your partner

  • Feeling a lack of security within yourself

  • Toddlers. That’s it, that’s the reason!


Whatever the reason, there is help. From big feelings to big attitudes, children need our help steering their ever-developing ship. But how do we help them? And why wasn’t this covered in the hospital birthing class?!

Let me help! I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 10 years experience working with children and their families. I am also the parent of a young child. I offer confident and cohesive parenting education, support, and therapy. I’ll help you better understand the why behind your child’s behavior and what they might actually be needing. I’ll open my toolbox and share techniques and strategies but more importantly, the knowledge about connection and security that will empower you to handle your child’s emotions and behavior with confidence. I want to work together with you to:

  • Repair and connect with your child

  • Navigate whatever roadblocks might come your way

  • Gain new perspective on your child’s big feelings and resulting behavior

  • Be a confident parent, and have the coping skills to find the way even when you’re not!


Click here to schedule a free phone consultation, so we can discuss how to best meet your needs.

Services available virtually, worldwide, via Present Parent Coaching Services.

Parent Consultation Support Single Session Options
One-on-one calls with Stacy, a decade-long veteran of early childhood emotional intelligence and big feelings, tackling all your general parenting questions
  • Single 50-minute consultation call: $175
  • Trio of 50-minute consultation calls: $499

Click here to schedule a free phone call, so we can discuss how to meet your needs.

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