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Maybe people have called you "sensitive" your whole life.

Maybe motherhood hasn't been what you expected.

Maybe the feelings of overstimulation and overwhelm are just too much.

Maybe the misplaced shame you feel because of your sensitivity is overwhelming.

And maybe, your child is showing signs of sensitivity and you're terrifed they're on the same path you experienced.


Let's talk about it. Allie McQuaid, LCPC, PMH-C and Stacy McCann, LCSW, LBA, present "Highly Sensitive Moms of Highly Sensitive Kids." In this one-of-a-kind workshop by Allie and Stacy, two mental health professionals and fellow moms, we will:


  • explore our own sensitivity, and what it means to be "highly sensitive" in motherhood

  • discuss the internalized shame so many of us have developed after a lifetime of high sensitivity

  • learn how to cope with our sensitivity, and release that shame to be the mother, and woman, we want to be

  • acquire skills to support our highly sensitive children, and celebrate their sensitivy in the process


About the presenters:

Allie and Stacy are both licensed "mom therapists" with advanced training in the "highly sensitive person" profile. Both are also mothers of young children, and in the trenches right there with you.

--Allie McQuaid, LCPC, PMH-C, is the owner of Tree House Therapy, LLC, located in Maryland. She is licensed in Maryland.

--Stacy McCann, LCSW, LBA, is the owner of Present Moment Counseling Services, PLLC, and Present Parent Coaching Services, LLC, located in Illinois. She is licensed in Illinois and Missouri.


This workshop should not be considered mental health therapy. This workshop is educational in nature and not to be confused for medical or mental health services. The content presented here does not replace professional mental healt hthreapy and should not be used in place of professional services.

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