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On Mommy Burnout

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

What is burnout, exactly? We know it's a feeling, often hard to describe but overwhelming in its presence. A feeling of being "just done" with this moment in life, an urge to make changes but not knowing where to start. A feeling of fear, not knowing how you got there or where to go next.

What about mommy burnout? As cringe as the term is, burnout as a mom just hits different. So many mixed emotions - how can this amazing child that you love more than anything make you feel so tired, so mean, so sad? Mommy burnout is so intense because the emotional response is so intertwined with the love you have for your child.

But what if you could predict burnout? You could identify what exactly what burnout feels like, what triggers it, and how to stop it in its tracks so it doesn't swallow you whole?

You can, but it takes gentle guidance, a village that supports and understands mothers, and the mental capacity to actually think straight. And all these things can seem impossible to access as a new (or seasoned) mom.

But we're out there - mental health professionals that specialize in guiding moms through this time with gentle support. Helping moms access their village. And building coping skills to allow moms to ward off burnout when they feel it approach.

I'm giving you the permission to take that first step. Text a friend. Google. Submit your contact info. Do whatever small thing is possible in this moment to seek help. Then we'll get started.

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