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On the Similarities Between ADHD and Motherhood

Truly, the similarities are endless.

✔️ Lack of attention to detail

✔️ Difficulty paying attention to tasks

✔️ Poor follow through on tasks

✔️ Difficulty organizing tasks or schedules

✔️ Easily distracted

✔️ Forgetful in daily activities

✔️ Difficulty planning ahead

✔️ Avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort

Not sure about you, but that describes my entire postpartum period, extending to probably the first THREE YEARS after having my child. To add to the mystery, ADHD is so poorly diagnosed in women that many make it to adulthood without a diagnosis but with elaborate coping systems that fall apart in early motherhood.

So how do we tell the difference? Well, it’s not easy. And it may actually be impossible for the first couple years after having a baby. But with some introspection and some help from a therapist or doctor, we can piecemeal it out. Two main questions to ask ourselves:

1. Were these symptoms around before I became a mom and I just coped with them along the way?

2. Do I notice a decrease in these symptoms when I’m well-rested and have had breaks from parenting and the daily grind of motherhood?

At 4+ years into being a mom, I’m starting to notice more clarity. A lot of these symptoms have decreased for me, and many don’t apply before I became a mother. But if you can’t say the same, first: take care of yourself. Advocate for your needs (rest, breaks, help), then if symptoms persist, bring it up to your doctor or therapist. They can guide you in the right direction.

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