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On Summer Parenting

And once again, we're at the end of another school year. How can that be? Wasn't I just looking at photo after photo of your kids, dressed in their best and holding their little signs on the first day of school?

I hope the this school year brought opportunities for growth and learning for your kids, but also for you. The rush of morning routine and dinner on the table leaves little time for targeted development of our parenting skills, but somehow we muddle through and figure it out anyway.

But maybe that means we have to be intentional about our own growth sometimes. Muddling through is fine and all, but if we really want to grow as parents, as mothers, maybe that requires deliberate effort to grow, and to improve.

Improve what, exactly?

Well, ourselves mostly. How can we be better parents if every day we're feeling overstimulated, anxious, and overwhelmed? I saw this all the time:

Moms have to come first.

If we don't put ourselves on our own radar and provide respite for our own burn out, quite literally taking proper care of ourselves, we will never grow or change for the better. We will never improve as parents. And we will never get to where we all want to be as parents, and as people.

So, how did you put yourself first this school year? And how will summer, in all its glory as a brief respite of the school year rat race, help you explore this path for yourself? How will you use summer to improve, to create the best version of yourself? So we can head into next year with no muddling in sight.

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